10 Things You Should Include In Your Hiring Checklist

Recruitment can be a tedious process for a lot of companies. The different stages require specific action plans to improve the efficiency and impact of hiring. We’ve listed practical, easy to implement actions that you can add to your hiring checklist. These simple, cost-effective actions will help you achieve significant results in your recruitment efforts. […]

5 Ways To Streamline Your Interview Process

  Job interviews are key to figuring out whether a candidate has the makings of an employee, who will fit seamlessly into your company. It is also an opportunity for the company to make a good impression on a potential hire, who you want to become a part of your organization. There are many different […]

6 Best Social Media Sites For Employer Branding

Social media is a great platform to build and support your employer brand. By far the most popular one being used today is Facebook, with its impressive 2 billion user base. These days, it’s almost a requirement to have a social media presence, especially if you are looking to attract the best talent in this […]

5 Perks You Can Use to Incentivize Your Employees

Salaries are not the only thing that’s important for an average employee – things like free gourmet food, napping pods and office salons are equally essential to retaining staff, too. Given today’s talent crunch, companies have to elevate their benefits and incentives in order to attract the best candidates. It’s a way to show your […]

5 Tips On How To Make You A Recruitment Farmer (Not Hunter!)

  Not every successful recruiter started their job as a headhunter. Some were accountants, engineers, store managers, sales representative, etc., before they started recruiting. Staffing firms say their top performing recruiters happen to be industry experts in very specific areas. Their prior experience in these areas allowed them to develop wide networks of potentially great […]

4 Things Your Candidates Wish They Could Tell You (But Can’t)

Candidate feedback is an important element to improving the hiring process of any company. It gives insight on which parts are working and which ones need improvement. The truth is, applicants have a lot to say about a company’s hiring process, especially when it comes to their own recruitment experience. They just don’t tell you […]

4 Ways To Test If Your Candidate Is Emotionally Intelligent

It’s easy to spot a good candidate – just take a look at their skills and professional experience. Now, to find a great candidate, that is another story. Finding top talent is a bit more complicated than perusing through a CV, because the best employees not only have the required technical skills, but emotional skills […]

9 Simple Actions To Help You Become a Recruitment Superstar

Superstar recruiters produce results quickly in every stage of the hiring process. They employ effective tactics and strategies to ensure that they reach their recruitment goals all the time. Here are 9 simple actions you can take to  become a recruitment superstar: Finding Talent 1. Write better job ads Usually, many recruiters pull up job […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Communication With  Aspiring Candidates

Many recruiters still fail to convey vital information to aspiring candidates in the different stages of the hiring process. Communicating with applicants shows that you are a professional and you value their time and effort in applying. The general notion is that you should only contact a candidate if they got short-listed, but in doing […]

7 Tips on How To Respectfully Turn Down Job Applicants

Telling an applicant that they’re not right for your company is never an easy job. Candidates are hopeful that they will get hired — and then you come in and break the bad news. Rejection, however, is part and parcel of every recruitment process. And someone (a.k.a. you) has to do it. Rejecting applicants is […]