How to Leverage Facebook Business Timeline for Recruiting [ eBook Download ]

The new Facebook timeline is here and brands are redesigning their presence to adapt to it. Facebook’s timeline provides a plethora of new features to increase candidate engagement and tell your brand story in a captivating way. Timeline is the reverse-chronological display of your brand’s history on Facebook. With timeline, Facebook has introduced some optional (and […]

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How to Recruit with Facebook [ Infographic ]

Facebook, with over 1-billion potential candidates and candidate’s friend network as potential referrals, is a goldmine of untapped recruiting opportunities. Facebook is a great way to start building a talent community of candidates who are interested in working with your company. In this infographic we’ll tell you why Facebook recruiting is important

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How to Build a Talent Community on Facebook from Scratch

Your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets.  Without them, you’re just another pretty face in a stadium full of supermodels.  Building good relationships with potential candidates fosters loyalty and gives you an edge in the war for talent. An excellent way to start building relationships with people who are interested in working with […]

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