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Google and Microsoft, the two most innovative tech companies in the world, have had a long standing rivalry between them. The two titans not only have competing business software suites  but  also compete  for recruiting and retaining talented employees.

But Hey, today we are not going to talk about  Microsoft going after Google’s bread winner : search and advertising or Google going after Microsoft’s massive income generators: Windows and Microsoft Office. In this post we will see how these two software giants are doing at twitter recruiting.

Google tweets about job openings, company culture and news at their official twitter account Life at Google ( @googlejobs ), Google started this official career account on May 2, 2009. While Microsoft started sharing the career opportunity at Microsoft Recruiting ( @microsoftjobs ) from April 10, 2008.

Let’s see who is on top of twitter recruiting, Microsoft or Google :

Google Vs. Microsoft - Who is better at twitter recruiting


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So what do you think? Who do you think is the winner? Don’t forget to share it all in the  comments below!

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