How HireRabbit increased

Aditi's job traffic by


with Facebook & mobile recruiting

"With HireRabbit, recruitment through facebook & mobile has
levelled up from an experimental tool to an important medium
of recruitment."

Sunny Neogi,

Head — Marketing,

Aditi Technologies


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With a solid social media fan following, Aditi wanted to extend its hiring presence to facebook and mobile. Aditi chose Hirerabbit to make hiring experience consistent with that of its online hiring.

This involved creating a consistent hiring persona on facebook & mobile, promote jobs and simplify the hiring process. Below were the key objective of this exercise:
Ignite enthusiasm about Aditi employer brand
Drive new and existing social users to Aditi careers & build a future talent pipeline.
Tap into new generation of candidates on Mobile devices
Facebook and mobile increased job traffic by 32.2%, making it a big success for Aditi.
32.2% more job traffic
Aditi job site generated 24,793 views, and converted 6.36% of visitors into applications.
24,793 job clicks
6.36% conversions
1577 applications
In addition to job applications, 689 candidates joined Aditi's talent pipeline.
689 candidates
Company videos generated 1000s of views.
1000s of video views


Utilized HireRabbit facebook recruiting solution to:
Create a fully branded career site on its facebook fan page to promote jobs and simplify facebook hiring process.
Create a clean user interface design, rich in images & videos to enhance branding and increase engagement.
Keep job search and apply process inside Facebook to increase conversions.
Eliminate the technology bottlenecks that previously hampered company's social recruiting strategy.
Utilized HireRabbit mobile recruiting solution to:
Make its jobs accessible from any device, allowing its majority audience of smartphone and tablet users to search and save interesting jobs on the move.
Integrate mobile with social recruiting to tap in to candidates using social media from a mobile device.
Provide intuitive mobile experience to boost candidate engagement and application rates.
Utilized HireRabbit customization & talent pool options to:
Create customizable template to capture candidate information.
Build a talent pool of candidates who are passionate about the brand.
Nurture and create a candidate pipeline for future use.
Utilized HireRabbit analytics to:
Gather single unified view of job performance data.
Gain real- time insights into the candidate activity.
Understand social media return on investment.

About Aditi

Aditi Technologies is a 'Cloud First' Technology Services company. Aditi has helped over 150 companies across ISV, e-commerce, travel and media verticals run and transform their business with cloud platforms like Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.

For Aditi's exceptional work with Windows Azure, it has been recognizedas one of the Top 3 Microsoft Cloud Partner for 3 years in a row.

Aditi was also voted as a Top 10 IT Workplace by the Great Place to Work Institute. For additional information, please visit:

"We wanted to connect with our candidates where they spend most of their time — Social media. HireRabbit's work has been exemplary in this regard."

Sunny Neogi,

Head — Marketing,

Aditi Technologies

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