Facebook, with over 1-billion potential candidates and candidate’s friend network as potential referrals, is a goldmine of untapped recruiting opportunities.

Facebook is a great way to start building a talent community of candidates who are interested in working with your company. In this infographic we’ll tell you why Facebook recruiting is important and what you can do to build a great community and start recruiting with Facebook.

Facebook Recruiting
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Facts and Stats to tweet –
  1. 85% of internet users have Facebook accounts. +tweet this
  2. 74% of internet users use Facebook daily. +tweet this
  3. 57% of internet users have more than 100 friends on Facebook. +tweet this
  4. 58% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook. +tweet this
  5. 42% of people have mentioned a brand in a Facebook status update. +tweet this
  6. 41% of people have shared a link, video, or story about a brand on Facebook. +tweet this
  7. 84% of job seekers have a facebook profile. +tweet this
  8. 48% of all job seekers (63% of those with a profile) have done at least one social job hunting activity on Facebook in the last year.  +tweet this
  9. One in five job seekers added professional information to their Facebook profile in the past year. +tweet this
  10. 16% received a job referral from a Facebook friend. +tweet this
  11. 56% of Facebook-using job seekers are male, 64% are under the age of 40, 36% earn more than $75,000 and 42% are college graduates. +tweet this
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