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Is it a pain to put jobs onto your site? Hate messing around with code? Just spend 10 seconds copying the HireRabbit code onto your site to list jobs.
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Fed up with waiting for IT to update your career site? HireRabbit puts you in control. Update jobs easily across your Facebook, Mobile and Web careers pages.
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The best candidates don't often look for jobs. They're busy working. HireRabbit lets your jobs reach the brightest passive candidates who aren't even looking yet.
Get your job seen
Fed up with posting a job, only for nobody to apply? HireRabbit syndicates your jobs to the largest, most-trafficked job sites so candidates find you.
Show the carrots of working for you
Don't want to lose bright candidates to bigger companies? Customizable careers sites let you show off your company's culture.
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Head — Staffing,


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