7 Most Useful Recruitment Tools of the Year

Recruitment tools are created to make the lives of sourcers, recruiters, HR leaders or job candidates a little easier. These HR software can help recruiters post jobs across multiple job boards, search for applicants/source candidates, review and rank candidates, schedule interviews, organize candidates by stages and build a talent pipeline. Here are the 7 most […]

9 Essential Points to Include In Your Recruitment Ad

Content is at the very heart of the talent acquisition process. Creating the perfect job advertisement highlights the value and relevance of a job vacancy to potential candidates. Recruiters need to reach their target audience, address them in the language they understand and offer them what they want. A well-written job ad lessens the possibility […]

Top 5 Qualities You Should Look For In Your Next Hire

All recruiters want to hire great people. They have the daunting task of sorting through hundreds of applications and identify a potential candidate even before they’ve proven how great they can be. The challenge is how to pick out great candidates from mediocre ones, based on what they tell you from their cover letter, resume […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Employee is About To Quit and How You Can Handle It

All companies want to hold onto their best and brightest employees. Finding and hiring a good candidate takes a lot of effort, which is why it is important for employers to do everything that they can to make them stay. But sometimes, it cannot be helped that great employees think of leaving, mostly for a […]

Top 6 Most Important Interview Questions To Ask Candidates (And What To Look For In Their Answers)

An interview is a necessary step for employers to filter through aspiring candidates and eventually, find the right candidate for the job. The recruiter must make sure that each interview is optimized to get as much information about the applicant as needed. Interviewers should ask questions that will give a real understanding of the candidate’s […]

5 Best Practices That Top Recruiters Use To Hire Top Talent

Most recruiters have a well-planned, thoughtful process that they follow to ensure hiring success. They know that finding human resources is just like any other business process, and should be customized for the size and needs of the company. Success in hiring a great candidate at a competitive job market comes from well-thought out recruiting […]

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The Top Recruiting Trends to Look Out for in 2017

The forecasts for the recruitment industry in 2017 look highly promising and incredibly competitive. With the level of competition so fierce, it is natural for the best in the field to try to find ways to innovate their methods. To stay relevant and competitive, a recruiter always needs to stay up to date on the […]

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Generation Z Candidates

The Generation Z candidates are taking over the world. We’ve arrived at an age where people have more access to information than ever before. The end-result is that this new-batch of prospective recruits are better informed than the recruits of the past. They represent a completely different challenge that companies are forced to adjust to. […]

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6 Red Flags that Recruiters Should Look Out For

Vigilance. Caution. Meticulousness. A recruiter’s job should always be focused on bringing in the best available talent to benefit the company. Every recruiter should be wary of any subtle red flags that are causes for concern. Remember that while great talent has the potential to greatly improve your company, bad candidates also have the potential […]

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Time-Tested 10-Step Framework To Recruit Top Candidates For Any Business

All experienced employers will always be in agreement with the idea that hiring the right person to perform the right job is necessary in achieving corporate success. The struggle always lies in making sure that no hire goes unwasted, and that every employee is consistently meeting expectations that are set for them. It is very […]

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