6 Secrets To Crafting A Standout Job Description

If you’re looking to expand your company, then good for you. That means you’re taking strides in growth as an organization. However, you must realize that there is a constantly rising demand from companies for quality talent in expansion ventures. Most of the time, company hiring ads and recruitment schemes often get lost amongst all the rubble because they aren’t executed well.

The key to attracting the vital people that your company needs starts with perfectly crafting standout job descriptions. We’ve gathered 6 secrets that you need to know to make the perfect job descriptions.

#1: Grab Their Attention At The Start

When hiring, try to visualize the ideal candidates that you want for your vacant job posts. What qualities does he/she possess? What message do you think would interest that person? These are very important details that you have to think about when drafting a job description. You will have to grab their attention with alluring opening lines like “Looking for a job that is perfect for creative minds?” or “Are you searching for a job that will jumpstart your IT career?”. When you tailor-fit your hiring ads for your ideal candidates, it streamlines the actual hiring process.

#2: Write Down The Essentials

You don’t want to go overboard on the details, but you will have to make sure to place the essential ones:

i) Job Title And Summary – Advertise the position that you wish to fill along with a detailed, but concise summary of what that position entails and why it is valuable to your company.

ii) Skills and Qualifications – Jot down some skills and qualifications that are required of the applicant in order to be considered for the job. To add, you should also indicate whether these skills and qualifications should be considered as “requirements” or not.

iii) Employment Type – You should indicate the nature of the vacant position. Is it a full-time job or a part-time job? Will the people you hire be paid or not? You don’t want to mislead your potential applicants so it’s best to be transparent at the start.

iv) Salary & Benefits – If your company is fine with indicating the standard salary range for your vacant job positions, then go for it. Again, potential applicants appreciate this kind of transparency.

v) Company Location and Contact Information – This includes office address, mailing address, E-mail addresses, contact numbers, social media platforms, and the like. You should give them a simple and easy way to apply for a job your company.

 #3: Keep It Short

Once you feel that you have covered the essentials, don’t go overboard too much on the details.  You won’t want to bore your potential applicants with overly text-heavy job descriptions. You can try using bullet points and short descriptions to make skimming through the job description easier and more structured. Don’t feel like you have to overcompensate by using too many words in your job description.

#4: Veer Away From Vague Language

When writing out your job descriptions, you should avoid using terms like “often” or “sometimes”. Use legitimate and tangible units of measurement when describing the required office hours or work load that come with the actual position. Potential applicants appreciate these details.

#5: Be Visual

You should try making use of images and pictures on your job descriptions. Gone are the days of old and boring formalities. This seemingly unconventional way of attracting applicants is very effective especially considering that you’re competing with other companies in hiring the best and brightest. Graphics and images add life to your job description and it shows off your company’s personality as well.

#6: Give A More Personal Approach

When hiring, try not to sound a complete robot. Potential applicants are most especially attracted to companies that they are comfortable with. You have to be able to establish a personal touch in your job descriptions so as to tap into the human side of your potential hires. You will want to incorporate your company’s overall culture and personality into drafting a job description. This will establish a certain level of trust and understanding between you and your potential recruit.

So that’s it! Follow these tips and we promise that your job descriptions will attract better candidates. Hiring is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean you need to write boring job descriptions. A perfect balance of personality and precision will take your jobs far.

What do you think of the tips mentioned above? Share it all in the comments below.

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