Do You Need to Implement Social Media Guidelines at Work?

As the popularity of social media has exploded over the past few years, texting, tweeting and posting on Facebook have quickly replaced the age old tradition of venting at the ‘ol water cooler. In fact, easy access to social media has substantially changed the way people communicate, especially in the workplace. Now, when employees feel […]

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5 things not to do when recruiting on twitter

5 Things Not To Do When Recruiting on Twitter

Many businesses are turning to social recruiting as a strategy to increase the size and diversity of their applicant pool. Recruiting on Twitter is now a common tactic used by recruiters throughout the world. If you’re new to Twitter or been on it for a while and wonder what will kill your twitter recruiting strategy, […]

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How to Use Hashtags to Spread Your Jobs on Twitter

According to this report, 54% of companies now recruit through Twitter, although only 15% of them successfully hired through that medium. However, there is enormous opportunity for businesses to increase their Twitter hire rate. After all, Twitter is now the third most popular search engine after Google and YouTube – and its users send out […]

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7 Social Media Recruiting Tips from Top Experts

Are you looking for some new ideas to simplify your social media recruiting? Do you wonder how to use social media to attract, engage and hire candidates? We asked the pros for one social recruiting tip businesses need to know today. Here’s their advice to help you pump up your social media recruiting

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Pinterest YouTube Google+ Instagram Statistics

40 Fascinating Social Media Statistics Every Recruiter Should Know [ Part II ]

For some businesses social media recruiting has become an important part of a solid recruiting strategy. However, There are a lot of businesses who are still figuring out how social media will fit into their overall recruiting mix. This post is for everyone, even if you are already utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter for recruiting. In this […]

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How to Convert a Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page

As you would know personal Facebook profiles are meant for individual people and Facebook provides pages for businesses and organizations. Pages offer more robust features for organizations and are more suitable to meet your business needs. I still see recruiting agencies and companies using a personal Facebook profile to promote their business. And if you are one […]

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21 Examples of Facebook Career Page Covers from Successful Brands

Successful brands seem to simply love the Facebook cover feature. And why not, cover photo is an excellent opportunity to show off your employer brand image for a distinguished appeal. On Facebook fan page your brand interacts exclusively with fans, candidates, employees and admirers. Therefore you get to promote your employer image in front of […]

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Why Use YouTube for Recruitment? [ Infographic ]

A lot of companies have jumped into social recruiting feast with recruiting on facebook and twitter. But have you included YouTube in your social recruiting mix? YouTube is a highly underutilized social network when it comes to recruiting. And if you haven’t looked at YouTube as a tool for recruiting and employer brand building this […]

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40 statistics every social recruiter should know

40 Amazing Statistics Every Social Recruiter Should Know

In the last 11 months, the social media landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace. There have been tons of updates to social networks such as Global brand pages on Facebook, new LinkedIn company pages, Twitter cover photos and more.  Several of these updates made social media even more attractive for recruiters. If […]

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Google Vs Microsoft - TwitterRecruiting

Google Vs. Microsoft : Who is better at twitter recruiting? [ Infographic ]

Google and Microsoft, the two most innovative tech companies in the world, have had a long standing rivalry between them. The two titans not only have competing business software suites  but  also compete  for recruiting and retaining talented employees. But Hey, today we are not going to talk about  Microsoft going after Google’s bread winner : search and advertising or Google going after

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